Chemnitz Triggers

In the context of the "European Capital of Culture 2025" a group of young, politically interested and active people from Chemnitz, have produced a documentary on everyday racism, violent attacks, perspectives on migrant self-organisation and missing spaces.

Chemnitz is a city with an extreme right-wing tradition. The right-wing mobilizations in 2018 were a high point, but only a visible escalation of the racist and right-wing dominated normal state of this city. This documentary sensitively shows the continuity of racism and right-wing violence in Chemnitz from the perspective of those affected. But the presence of neo-Nazis and everyday racism generates not only fear and anger, but also resistance.

Despite the international outrage over the events of 2018, despite the nomination of Chemnitz as European Capital of Culture 2025, little has changed to date. This film shows a perspective never heard before, away from the state and image politics. Critical, emotional and combative!

I supported the group with technical assistance, took care, that journalistic standards were met and assisted in post-production. Hauke Dannenfeld also supported the post-production and Philip Hutter contributed a cinema-standard mix. All interview partners were chosen by the Chemnitz-based team.

On March 12th the film was first shown at “Weltecho” in Chemnitz in two versions with Arabic and English subtitles. Afterwards a panel discussion was held, partially with protagonists of the film discussing their feelings and other people affected by racism introducing further ideas and expertise on migrant organisation.